Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cities and Countryside

Entirely pertinant, as I have just returned from the rolling hills and smoke stacks of Yorkshire: Town and Country on Radio 3. Calvino is in there, along with Holst, RVW and prose by WH Hudson:

To lie on my back on the rust-brown grass in January and gaze up at the wide hot whitey-blue sky, peopled with millions and myriads of glistening balls of thistle-down, ever, ever floating by; to gaze and gaze until they are to me living things and I, in an ecstasy, am with them, floating in that immense shining void!
And now it seemed that I was about to lose it--this glad emotion which had made the world what it was to me, an enchanted realm, a nature at once natural and supernatural; it would fade and lessen imperceptibly day by day, year by year, as I became more and more absorbed in the dull business of life

The landscape around Bradford becomes more treasured for me each time I visit: the contrast of archaic and modern industry with sheep fields and wooded hills is so rich and rewarding. Of course, it help s to have hills to be able to take in all this in one glance.


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