Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bastard Son

I went to see Under The Black Flag at The Globe. My first time at this theatre, and it was splendid to be there among the performers, and feel part of the action. The banter between stage and audience was a] authentic but b] actually fun too.

The actual quality of acting may not have been the most polished, but I think that's hardly the point. If Billy S was still writing the plays hours before they were due to be performed, the acting would hardly have been polished then either.

There were some fine songs ("I'm the bastard son of a bastard son of a bastard father's son"), and one about how Long John Silver came to have his name (it wasn't coz he was tall.)

Feeling a part of the performance, and the (at times) slightly pantomime style made this theatre very enjoyable.


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