Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Israeli Disproportionality

Hamas militants capture a soldier, Israel bombs out power stations for 1.3 million people.

How is depriving so many people of power and water a reasonable response to a kidnapping? This is collective punishment on a gross scale.

This is a woefully apt exemplar of the utter disparity in military and civil power between Palestine and Israel.

More here, in this article by Jonathan Cook, on the myth of Israeli "Retaliation". The BBC is still biased in how it reports actions by the IDF, even after extensive reports on the BBC's coverage of the situation in Palestine/Israel.

Update: the Israelis, of course, got their tactics from the British, but one particularly revolting character in particular: Orde Wingate

Update 2: Israeli troops rounded up dozens of ministers and lawmakers from the Palestinians' ruling Hamas party - just the very language used by the Yahoo/AP report is insulting (cattle are 'rounded up'), never mind that a foreign power is, out of its juristiction, arresting elected and high-ranking officals.


  • I find it a little disappointing that you consider the bbc to be biased in its reporting of the Middle East conflict by linking to

    Quite frankly it shows you to be a little ignorant of issues at hand. Its like linking to the BNP website for reasoned debate on immigration.

    I think you'd do alot of justice to yourself if you opened your eyes and looked at the wider picture.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:57 pm  

  • I find it a little disappointing that you post a comment as Anonymous.

    And equating AMW to the BNP is absurd.

    You would do yourself more justice by not patronising me and claiming that my eyes are closed to the issues at hand. I might not be an expert, but I am well-read.

    By Blogger Skellywag, at 4:40 pm  

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