Friday, June 16, 2006


I had the first public viewing of my photos the other day, as part of a collaboration with my housemate, who put on a performance 'experiment' based on the ideas of Yi-Fu Tuan, Italo Calvino and others.

The performance was very stimulating: rather nerve-wracking, but in a good way; the object was to see how people reacted to the performance space and performers. Hari deliberately blurred the line between 'stage' and 'audience', 'cast' and 'viewers'. When I went out half-way through to take a call, no-one was sure whether I was 'performing', which was half the point.

My pictures of doorways were well-received, even though most were taken with very basic equipment.

Partly as aresult of talking to H about her work, I am now reading Calvino's Invisible Cities: a highly refreshing mediation on space, memory and passion. I'd recommend this book to anyone with imagination.


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