Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I went to Stonehenge yesterday with H and friends. It was a good laugh, and a great tonic to the slow dripfeed poison of continual work over the past few weeks.

I was impressed how organised the whole thing was: English Heritage out in force, plus police-staffed pedestrian crossings, burger joints, keepsafes for glass bottles and valuables, floodlights, free placcy macs (well, bin bags), etc. I guess it's actually cheaper to do it hat way then to hire out the police to try to defnd it from the hordes. There were a few 'real' pagans in evidence, but the majority were crusties and dopeheads, with some randoms like us along for the ride.

The forecast was dry, but obviously them damn Wiccans had done their rituals properly, as it was drizzling when we were dropped off by the special bus service, and then at about 1am it pissed it down. Still, a reet good lark.

Photos of Stonehenge here on Yahoo.


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