Monday, June 19, 2006

Bleach Rage

I am pretty easy-going, most of the time. I can get along with many different people. I like to avoid conflict if possible. Having lived in 10 shared houses in the past nine years, I have a pretty good idea what works in that environment: how to avoid angst and annoyance, and how to have a good time with housemates.

This house is different. I have TEH R4GE. I (perhaps unwisely) gave people time to adjust and settle in, but they are just as rude, bitchy, and patronising as Day 1. So me and H are moving out, after just 6 weeks.

What is so wrong? Pizza-girl upstairs wants every one to bleach the bathtub after every use. Fog-horn-face next to my room will not let me share her FUCKING KITCHEN ROLL for crisake. The only time she says anything to me is to complain about some random thing, like the back door being open for 5 mins while I water the plants.

So basically, it's war. I have started piling up HER dishes, in mirror of her habit with mine. I will pile up all the shite she leaves on the kitchen table: note that she complains about any random thing *I* leave there, of course.

The cunting agency never told us that there would be 8 people living in a 5-bed house, including one small child. I mean, I like children, but I couldn't eat a whole one.

Leaving dead fish in cupboards - and turds in laundry - starts next week.


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