Wednesday, March 22, 2006

RSS Progress

So, I am (glad to be) not the first to think about RSS as replacing SQL: Ray at ABCEDmindedness writes on RSS-driven sites back in 2004:

...RSS should be the foundation of the design of any web applicatin which assists in the creation of a web site.

Leading on from there, and zipping forward to the present, we have these articles: RSS, and yes, probably Atom too, are the "Unix pipes" of the Web; manifestly simple and easy ways to connect virtually any content from point A to points X, anywhere on the Web. from Balkanizing RSS and the risks to the information ecosystem and I've been taken to task occasionally for my prediction that RSS will be the fundamental Web 2.0 protocol, and with SSE my prediction is reinforced. It's so good, so simple, so right that I think you'll see the Web services of yore become almost completely eclipsed by it. in How Simple Sharing Extensions Will Change the Web

Obviously, it's time to investigate SSE and code me a system. Passing Thought: This seems to cover some of the logic of REST Web Services.

Waah. More here!: Adam Bosworth, writing in ACM Queue, elaborated on the database-of-the-future vision he's been evolving for a couple of years now. We can obviously read RSS and Atom feeds, and query them in simple ways, but how do we update and delete?

P.S. - Microsoft's copyrights in this specification are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. - wtf?!?

More to come on this, clearly...


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