Monday, February 27, 2006

Pre-Google Optimisation

I have bought several books prior to my next Google boogle on 6 March, with Google Advertising Tools looking promising. On a related subject (i.e. internet-driven sales and micro-payments), I came across an interesting article on Wired dealing with the "Long Tail" of interest in obscure books, music, and other publishable things, which teh intarwebs is drawing out, given that - with hard disks - it's as economic to stock a "copy" of a best seller as it is to stock some dull tome on Victorian Scrap Pan Bogeys.
Edit: I just found a bunch of stuff on my next interviewer ;-)

Also, as a follow-up to some ideas I had on RSS replacing SQL, some enterprising souls have created a complete web RSS suite, and NewsGator have an enterprise offering which somehow integrates with Exchange etc. There are a couple of DNN modules which aggregate RSS feeds, but few seem to be using RSS internally to build content. I might mock up some Python or maybe Ruby to demo the flexibility of the "RSS, not SQL" idea.

Essentially, I'd see content-driven sites as built from tens or hundreds of micro-feeds, all parsed by super-fast RSS/Atom parsers, and perhaps with special back-links to expand the usefulness of RSS. This would be a step towards a more Semantic Web. More later.


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