Wednesday, February 01, 2006

int num_interviews = 0xF;

Just finished my second Google interview, by phone. I thought I might be nearing the half-way point (say, five interviews). HA HA. There will be 15 interviews.

Heh, bring 'em on.

The guy I spoke to started to include me in his "we" when talking about the job. Promising...

Update, 2006-02-03: Was just called up to be asked to provide a non-techy explanation of SOAP. I didn't have the right hat on, and waffled. Badly. :o(
They also said that my Analytics knowledge was poor, and that I should revise before next week. Which kinda implies 'interview' but who knows?


  • Dear GOD! That's crazy. You know how much I love them, but boy, it would seem they love themselves some too.

    By Blogger Raps, at 5:31 pm  

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