Sunday, January 29, 2006

Optical? Sound.

Image hosting by PhotobucketConfused by the phrase optical sound in a description at Tate Modern about a Gilbert and George piece, I tracked this curious phrase down to the digital encoding of the soundtrack onto the 35-mm film itelf.. It sounded initially rather oxymoronic.

Image hosting by PhotobucketRelatedly, some nice background on the Golden Rectangle, math, beauty, and one Oskar Barnack.

Also, see the [mysteriously-named] Golden Rectangle group on Flickr, and:

...a little tool to calculate Golden Rectangles: the GoldenRectanglizer.

The "rule of thirds" (erm) exposed:

However, I would venture to say that the Rule of Thirds is merely a specific application or simplification of the Golden Rectangle...


  • And did you know... the optical soundtrack (the 2 parallel lines and other types of sound such as digital sound next to it on the film) isn't next to the piece of film with which it corresponds - it's actually several feet in front due to the distance between the projector beam and optical reader on a film projector.

    By Anonymous Georgina (ex-35mm film projectionist)., at 3:28 pm  

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