Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New photos - Rachel Whiteread etc.

Image hosting by PhotobucketI uploaded some more photos last night: here is one of the Rachel Whiteread sculpture at Tate Modern, with DPJO:
Also some new pics in the Urban Life series.

The Whiteread boxes were impressive, but only I think in terms of scale (feeling like an ant, or some kitchen cockroach amidst the sugar-cubes). You could say something about "space turned inside out" but, meh, why not with 10,000 cardboard boxes? An awful lot of hydrocarbons went into that sculpture.

I enjoyed the Rousseau exhibition. It was interesting to go twice and see actually how good he was: his compositions and use of colour are both particularly interesting. He always balances his colours very well - I suspected that a histogram would show nice bell curves, as indeed it does. Kahlo's work is less balanced. R also had an unusual way of composing pictures - the jungle scenes all follow pretty much the same lines, and are almost exactly the opposite of the heuristics in use for photography: central, small focal point, symmetry, lots of distracting detail.


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