Friday, January 13, 2006

Composing Music online

Finally, I have found a way to note down music in a blog-friendly format: abc

When scraps of melody or rhythm swirl about my head, I write them down in (dunno, wassit called?) standard classical notation. However, trying to do that for a blog is not an option, as I do not have access to Sibelius (at £100 a pop [though I sing with the guy who owns the company]) and I am buggered if I am going to fart about with some cr4ck3d copy of Cubase just for a line of music.

Anyhow, I start off with this:

T:Driving Rhythm
|G G z G G z G z |

...visit this site

and end up with this: Image hosted by

Rather good. Further info on abc here.


  • Have you never heard of TAB notation ?

    And isn't classic notation just called 'musical score' ?

    By Blogger Pondskater, at 1:25 pm  

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