Monday, January 23, 2006

Aw: Imps!

Imps! at is a children's stopmotion animation using plasticine and sculpey claymation and cgi. Imps is set in Dante's Inferno, Hades and the Egyptian underworld.

Interestingly, the creators are incorporating deaf sign language into the series: all the characters have four, not three, fingers, and bodies will be shot from waist-up, so the creatures can produce most words in sign language.

On a related note, this book (reviewed rather boringly by AS Byatt) about creatures in English folklore looks fascinating:

...a South African who said she could not get used to the fact that the English landscape - all of it - had been trampled by thousands upon thousands of feet since the beginning of history. There is nothing vast, nothing empty. Our creeks and bogs and potholes and standing stones and ponds are inhabited by hosts of invisible creatures and wraiths and stories. Our language is formed by them...

And another thing:

Originally coined by Thomas Keightley in The Fairy Mythology (1850) from the Irish "Leith bhroyan" or "Leith phroyan" meaning "one shoemaker," comes the name Leprechaun. They are also known by the name Gentry. In addition, Jewish folklore tells of a similar creature, the Sheedem or Shedim. It is now demonized and the name used derogatorily in reference to pagan deities.

Also there are details of the Boggart.

More: Nickel, demon, rascal, from the deceptive copper color of the ore


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