Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Masters of Doom


The other night I was lent a copy of Masters of Doom, and found it strangely compelling, to the extent that I stayed up and read most of it in one go.

Aside from the faintly amusing tales of geek antics (which don't actually resonate that much, tbh), the most striking thing was how one guy, John Carmack, almost dual-handedly invented modern graphics engines and rendering as we know it today. At least, he was the first to bring into the commericial field some "way cool" ideas that had been languishing inside IBM research labs, like specular lighting and true 3D.

He now build, err, space vehicles. He is the ultimate geek in that he just sat down, and cranked out what he knew to be The Right Thing, whilst continuously pushing the boundaries of his abilites and knowledge, without really being too interested in the money.


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