Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hunter "J. C." Thompson

Aspergers Lit meets Columbo...or...the mysterious incident of the pub in the day...

Lots of fire engines around yesterday and lots of firefighters removing mysterious canisters from the local pub (a former post-work haunt on Friday nights). The pub, boarded up for a couple of weeks now, gently smoked away.

Was it blowback from Una King's strategy of tension? An attempt to spark some kind of urban insurrection in the heightened political atmosphere of Bethnal Green & Bow? I'd seen former Internation[al] Socialist member and now Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick hanging around there a few weeks ago. Was he involved? He used to be a firefighter in the 70s, so there's a good chance. Or was it an inside job?

I decided to investigate. I asked big Jim from Doorsteps (the greasy food van with the strapline "Paris...Tokyo...Stepney" painted on the side) as he served me egg, chips and beans in a polystyrene pizza box: "Just one more thing, Jim. Did someone burn down the pub yesterday?"

"Yes, it was petrol bombed."

"Do you know who did it?"

"Yes...I mean, no."

So there you go. He knows something.


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