Friday, June 17, 2005

New camera

  • Nikon F80
  • Sigma 28-200mm zoom Aspherical
  • Sigma 17-35mm zoom Aspherical

The lenses will fit a digital SLR, when I can afford one. The 17mm lens is pretty astounding. Half the world fits in the frame!

I bought it from London Camera Exhange on The Strand - they were very helpful and friendly, unlike Jessops, whose staff have no clue whatsoever, it seems.

My first project will involve printing on ag├ęd paper which my grandad left when he carked it. Some of the paper is 30, 40 years old, so the results will be pretty unpredictable, but that's what analog is all about.

Portraiture, I think, is what I'm interested in right now. Hats, graveyards, industrial, cigarettes, bodies; and lots of contrast. Sin City may have had a small influence there...


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