Thursday, April 28, 2005


I have been taking more photographs, mostly of South London; I also was pointed to desolatelondon. Odd working hours have meant much time talking to Cass, which has been refreshing; likewise was reading her recent writing.

Peach blossom was drifting down from the trees on the south bank this morning and swirling around in the gentle breeze. It reminded me of flakes of dead skin. Must be in a bad mood.

The sponsors of the Hay Festival make a bizarre bunch: Channel 4, Guardian, Private Eye, Country Living, Traveller, TIME, Good Housekeeping(!), and The Economist. I have just started reading Alain de booton's Art of Travel (good so far), having finished Beasts by John Crowley. I thought the subject matter and delivery interesting, though the book didn't explore the issues of ~"speciesism" as much as the clash of individuals' desires.

Resonant article in the Guardian about social phobias.


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