Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A different take

On Thurday I attended an amazing concert at St James, Piccadilly - John Williams and Khaled Jubran playing guitar and oud, in aid of PSC. Williams drew on music from Spain, Japan, and Africa, coaxing magical sounds from his instrument to imitate - for example - the Kora. When they both played together at the end, the effect was stunning.

The weekend was spent back north. Again the air was noticably fresher. With only a year until my parent retire, certain certainties are suddenly less so. We went out for a Thai, then D and I met Suzy for drinks. She is learning Hebrew, having worked in Kibbutzim a couple of times, so it was interesting to hear her impressions of life in Israel. She is a curious creature...

Went tonight with JC and Scris to Dead Man's Boots, which was fantastic. I came back with a 45 called Big Band Blues by Carl Benson (or someone), and might take my recently reclaimed flute back there next week for the impromptu jamming which accompanied the more groovy of the tracks played. £1 entry, 1/2 price drinks, tiny venue, and such a relief to escape the smug gits in the pub after my choir rehearsal.


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