Monday, February 14, 2005

Into the swing

Several posters for tomorrow's rally, and other events, have mysteriously appeared around my 'hood. Couldn't be anything to do with a nice new Staple Gun from WHSmith, could it?

Met Dot and Tuelin for ice cream at G n D's. Dot is now Chief of all things Old and Shiny in the North West. She was handed a Skirt Lifter the other day, which has to be the most hilarious instrument ever. I have decided to adopt the title Skirtlifter Pursuivant for myself. For obvious reasons.

Back in London, imbibing and inhaling a house a friend of mine was housesitting, we watched Business is Business. Suffice to say that the final scene with the pink rubber gloves, the meat cleaver, the businessman and the ketchup was a perfect ending.

Also met Kat, then Bagsy for food/drink whilst in Oxford - I was evangelising the Idle book, as usual. The Taste of Palestine evening was pretty successful. I was doing the PA; I could happily do more of that - nice mix of tech and music.

Acquired a nice new t-shirt, too ;o)


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